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Station Equipment South Sound and Savannah   


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The equipment of the stations at South Sound and Savannah consists of a Campbell Scientific datalogger to which is connected a RM Young wind monitor, Vaisala barometer, Texas Electronics rain gauge and a Vaisala temperature/humidity sensor. Software is Weather Display.

There is a network connection between the data logger and the computer. The computer is a Dell P4 2.8Ghz with 1Gb memory. There is a large UPS on the computer and a smaller one which protects the datalogger. The internet connection is wireless from my home to the ISP Westtel. It stood up to Huricane Ivan and only went down when the external undersea connection was washed out.

The wind monitor is 33ft above the ground and while it may be affected,to a minor extent,by eddies caused by the roof of the house it should be pretty accurate and the rain gauge is higher than ideal but if it was mounted lower it would be shaded by the house. As with nearly all installations a compromise on location of the equipment has been necessary.

The previous equipment was destroyed by hurricane Ivan and a concerted effort has been made to use equipment that has a better chance of surviving the next hurricane.

The format for most of the pages is based on the templates developed by and Haran. The scripts for displaying severe weather advisories from the National Hurricane Center in Miami and also the buoy data were made available by . The script for airport weather was made available by Christopher Curtis and modified by Beteljuice. The script for the tide data was made available by Al Rooker of NewtonAnd


While every effort has been made to gather the data using commercial equipment of good quality the webmaster and equipment owners do not give any guarantee what so ever of the accuracy of the data shown anywhere on the site.

Any disagreement with the data or the weather reported needs to taken up with the weather maker.